Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Wubbolding (2000) telah memberikan contoh bagaimana proses merancang pelan tindakan dilakukan ke atas klien berdasarkan aspek SAMI2C3 sebagaimana dalam transkripsi berikut:

Kaunselor : Hal, you were saying that you wanted life to be better for yourself and you wanted your situation to be better at home and at school.

Klien : Yeah, I guess things could be better.

Kaunselor : How about making an effort to make things better?

Klien : I could try.

Kaunselor : What do you have to lose from trying?

Klien : Well, nothing really.

Kaunselor : What could you do differently at home?

Klien : I could do some of my chores. It really bugs my father when I don’t help out.

Kaunselor : What will you do that is different from what you did in the past?

Klien : I could pick up after myself before he comes home from work.

Kaunselor : What if you did that for a few days?

Klien : I could do it.

Kaunselor : Will you do it?

Klien : Yes.

Kaunselor : When will you start?

Klien : Today.

Kaunselor : What time? Be exact in setting a time.

Klien : Ok. I’ll pick up today at 4.00 p.m.

Kaunselor : How long will it take?

Klien : About 20 minutes.

Kaunselor : So, your plan i to clean up the house, pick up your clothes and other things for 20 minutes starting at 4.00 p.m. today. How many days will you do this?

Klien : I’ll do it every day for 5 days.

Kaunselor : Sounds good. One more questions. What impact will this have on your relationship with your father?

Klien : It can only help.

Sumber : Ahmad Jazimin (2008)


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